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As previously mentioned, ANTI-VILLAIN isn’t a real company, record label, or publishing house. That said, I do use the name as a brand to release my creative projects. When I started self-publishing media, I found the package design was more compelling with a company logo attached.

I created the name in response to the over-abundance of anti-heroes in popular media. The concept of an anti-villain is still a trope unto itself, but used more rarely. Also, I’ve loved comics since I was five, so the concept naturally appealed to me.

This site exists to promote new work by yours truly.

And who am I?

Also previously mentioned, I’m Shawn Coots. I’m a Product Manager by day, aspiring writer, artist, and musician by night.

I live in Louisville, Kentucky with my lovely wife, two wonderful kiddos and one grey cat named Grey Cat.

Back in the 90’s, I went to art school and studied Graphic Design. That experience introduced me to the wonder of Apple Computers. With an Apple, I could design things, of course, but I could also edit videos, record music, write novels, color comics, or whatever else I was interested in that particular day. My adaptability landed me jobs in multimedia and web agencies where I was considered the in-house jack-of-all-trades.

Rarely - if ever - did agency work satisfy my creative interests. A working designer’s ego is best left at the door, as paying clients will likely trample your creative spirit. To sustain said spirit, I’ve worked with numerous friends and collaborators on sad bastard music, public-access comedy shows, sci-fi movies, secret agent comics, wine bar logos, and the odd podcast guest appearance, here and there. The only thing I haven’t done yet is compete in a monster truck show, but I’m not dead yet.

Thank you for spending time on this site.